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At the same time the beginning and the transition to God, Janus is widely regarded as a person.

In fact, she was a woman. One of his faces came from the old man. Her beauty was anger to the mortal because the other was a beautiful girl.

She tried her standard chat line (“sleep with me, I will bowl you”) with her clean face and was banished to Earth by Zeus.long blonde wig ,Please scream in the most terrible way. I thought other gods tried to tempt people by hearing their cries.

Janus felt that it was difficult on the planet. Because people with two faces have a lot of work to do and constantly hide their faces from the world. She wears a long blonde hair wig on the face of an elderly,long blonde wig, while she wears a scarf on a Thursday’s aged pension collection Thursday while she is a Paul Dancer weekend and part-time job. So she celebrated her end.

One day, the wind blew herlong blonde wig and slide down the back of his head like a sneeze person, she walked in the street. The photographer takes a picture of the building behind her.


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