Five foods best for hair

This blog will tell you about foods that can reduce hair quality and cause hair loss. You have to be as far away from them as possible. So go here:


Who does not like cakes, pastries, puddings? They are not just attractive. But sweet sweet food is not good for hair for skin and health. Eating, you can raise your blood sugar. In response to the rise in blood glucose levels, your body pumps out insulin and causes the secretion of testosterone such as hormones, androgens. As the amount of androgen increases, the pores shrink and the hair grows.

Too much vitamin content

If you are experiencing thinning, especially if you take vitamin A, vitamin A may be the cause. Many vitamins contain little vitamin A. If you start experiencing depilation after taking vitamin supplements, please consult your doctor. Also, please do not take vitamin supplements without doctor’s approval.

Food containing iron and zinc is inadequate.

The food you eat will determine the quality of your skin and hair you will receive. If your diet consists of fast-food rich in calories. However, very low nutrients, especially iron and zinc, use low quality wool. The nail’s white nail is an indicator that needs improvement on a diet. Some of the most abundant sources of these minerals are lean, green vegetables, marine products. Iron and zinc are necessary for keratin formation. If you miss them, you will experience hair and nail growth.

High mercury fish

Fish is a wonderful food, it is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. However, some varieties, especially those with high mercury levels, are not suitable for hair and nails. Tuna, salmon and shrimp are rich in mercury. If you love to eat them, try the canned people, as FDA insists that mercury is low. People who eat a lot of fish, especially those whose staple food is sushi, are susceptible to damage at high mercury levels, and some hair and nails may occur.

High blood pressure diet

High blood pressure foods are not good for health. Clearly, they are not good for me either. When consuming high blood sugar food such as pasta, white bread, soft drink etc., you can thin your hair, but if you use food with low blood glucose level the whole health condition will be improved and a line will be given. You need to keep tuna and vanilla cake as you like. I hope this blog will help you choose wisely.

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