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Five foods best for hair

This blog will tell you about foods that can reduce hair quality and cause hair loss. You have to be as far away from them as possible. So go here:


Who does not like cakes, pastries, puddings? They are not just attractive. But sweet sweet food is not good for hair for skin and health. Eating, you can raise your blood sugar. In response to the rise in blood glucose levels, your body pumps out insulin and causes the secretion of testosterone such as hormones, androgens. As the amount of androgen increases, the pores shrink and the hair grows.

Too much vitamin content

If you are experiencing thinning, especially if you take vitamin A, vitamin A may be the cause. Many vitamins contain little vitamin A. If you start experiencing depilation after taking vitamin supplements, please consult your doctor. Also, please do not take vitamin supplements without doctor’s approval.

Food containing iron and zinc is inadequate.

The food you eat will determine the quality of your skin and hair you will receive. If your diet consists of fast-food rich in calories. However, very low nutrients, especially iron and zinc, use low quality wool. The nail’s white nail is an indicator that needs improvement on a diet. Some of the most abundant sources of these minerals are lean, green vegetables, marine products. Iron and zinc are necessary for keratin formation. If you miss them, you will experience hair and nail growth.

High mercury fish

Fish is a wonderful food, it is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. However, some varieties, especially those with high mercury levels, are not suitable for hair and nails. Tuna, salmon and shrimp are rich in mercury. If you love to eat them, try the canned people, as FDA insists that mercury is low. People who eat a lot of fish, especially those whose staple food is sushi, are susceptible to damage at high mercury levels, and some hair and nails may occur.

High blood pressure diet

High blood pressure foods are not good for health. Clearly, they are not good for me either. When consuming high blood sugar food such as pasta, white bread, soft drink etc., you can thin your hair, but if you use food with low blood glucose level the whole health condition will be improved and a line will be given. You need to keep tuna and vanilla cake as you like. I hope this blog will help you choose wisely.

Due to their own mistakes, they often use problems

Wigs are wonderful creatures of human beings. Small hair can be the result of illness or poor lifestyle. For fashionists who want to change their hairstyles, this is a great investment. But I do not want to use too much natural hair. As a necessity, wigs have evolved into fashion accessories. Their quality is also constantly evolving. They are usually safe. However, if you do not follow the instructions, the problem may occur.

Lace wig

Some issues that the wearer often faces are:


It’s hard to believe. But wearing a wig for a long time can cause headaches for many people. I do not care about wig If you wear a head scarf or headband for a long time, you will feel a headache. This headache is caused by pressure on the head when worn out. This problem can be easily relieved by loosening a little wig. If you have a slight headache. But often try to change clothes or accessories freely.

Loss of hair

Many wig users wear wigs and too much hair loss appeal. This is true But because of your mistake, not a wig. If you do not give your scalp and hair a clean wig, you will often suffer from hair loss or scalp infection. Natural hair should be cleaned regularly in the winter even if it is not exposed to dust and dirt.

Rinse off with normal water and normal adjustment.
Please bake the hair thoroughly before wearing a wig.
Clean every two weeks or follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Before you wiggle your hair and let loose. Make sure your hair is properly placed under the wig. Interventions can cause frustration and hair loss.
Make your scalp dry by exposing your natural hair regularly to fresh air.
Bottle for hair

When using regular wigs, dandruff, scalp infections, dry hair breakage and itchy scalp are the most common problems that can occur. In most cases, the quality of the wig is not good. If the wig is made of inferior material, the hair and scalp may not breathe. Sweat may not dry. You may be affected by bad scalp hygiene, which can cause a variety of hair and scalp problems. So do not buy cheap quality wigs. Your wig will represent you so you should buy the best quality wig you can find within your budget. Buy from a real wig manufacturer.

How to choose a wig´╝č

Whether you want to buy a wig, because you need it after medical treatment, or you are taking a hair loss, or just changing your appearance occasionally, without a violent or long-term change to your hair, choosing a wig is a process that needs to be concerned and taken care of.wig shop
One, look at the skin and pick a wig suitable for yourself
1, white – white – though it is a natural beauty, but if the color of the wig is not properly chosen, it will look very unhealthy. Remember the light brown and light coffee color which is red and soft color will make the face ruddy and angry.
2, yellowish – yellowish brown can use natural dark and light brown and other deeper color system, will make the yellowish skin appear a lot of whiteness. Do not choose yellow hair color, it will make the skin that is not good looks even worse.
3, natural complexion – the skin is the best, looks healthy and shiny, and the choice of color is very large, such as yellow, brown, wine red, deep purple, deep coffee and so on.

4, partial black – the skin pigment precipitates seriously, will make the skin color look dim and unshiny, in the hair color to choose some natural black, deep orange and other lining, will make the face brightly.
Two. Look at your face and pick a wig suitable for yourself
1, long face: if you want to have a perm, you can choose to trim the hair of your chin and make it into a ball or curl. Be sure to avoid short cuts or long straight hair. Or the tail of a horse. In short, the longer face should be wider by hairstyle.
2, square face: it can be curly or long to shoulder to make it droop naturally. The advantage of doing this is to cover up the shortcomings. Please don’t choose the straight hairstyle that is deliberately long to the chin Guo. This will make the face longer.
3, round face: with the 37 demarcation of the fashion hairstyle, avoid using Liu Hai’s forehead to cover all the forehead, at least to reveal a part of the forehead, or cut the outer wheel of the hair more straight hair, and the top part of the hair as the emphasis (such as fluffy increase), in order to make the face look slender.
4, coconut round face: the whole large wavy wig, the bangs are better looking with some more curved ones, which will be lined with smooth lines at the bottom, making the whole face look lively and streamlined.
5, melon face: the choice of a longer hair style is better, the forehead left Liu Hai needs a fluffy curly short hair to cover the widest part of the cheek, so the overall feeling will be very coordinated.